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October 9, 2021

Innovation Workshops consists of idea generation exercises that promote creative user experience solutions for meeting user needs and solving their pain points. These iteration sessions can lead to discovering the “nuggets” features and workflows for a product that are beneficial to users but might be overlooked by designers. One such project in which our Design team utilized the benefits of an innovation workshop was for Thermo Fisher’s NanoDrop One.

For Innovation Workshops to be successful, participants should be fully aware of current stakeholder needs and pain points before the workshop begins. For NanoDrop, Areteworks’ User Research experts first conducted essential Behavioral Research through observational methodologies and contextual interviews. From the research data collected, we created detailed user journeys and user personas. These are essential for giving workshop participants a thorough understanding of the different types of end users and their goals and tasks. Providing this information in advance allows for more focused and strategic innovation and helps guarantee that actionable items will result from the brainstorming sessions.

While Innovation Workshops can lead to unique features, finding improved ways for users to complete their tasks in a more intuitive and enjoyable manner is equally as important. Areteworks’ User Experience (UX) designers understood they needed to think about creating an innovative and coherent user experience for NanoDrop One. Conducting and eliciting precise feedback from stakeholders led to new and innovative UX solutions with easier avenues for multiple tasks to be completed. Workflow steps such as sample prep, analysis, and data sharing could now be completed from within the same UI system.

Innovation workshop fosters creativity, promotes teamwork, and provides a competitive advantage for your product. Areteworks’ Innovation Workshops helped assure our client an outcome that created a more satisfying and innovative user experience. If you would like to learn more about how Areteworks’ Design Thinking process can help guarantee your project’s success, contact us today.

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