Intuition vs. Sensing in User Interface Design

How people perceive and gather information can be interpreted in terms of intuition versus sensing. Sensing tends to involve a trust in information that is more concrete and experienced with the five senses. It involves looking at details and tends to be more dismissive of hunches that are not backed by data. The focus is more on the present and things that are in real time.

Intuition tends to put trust in the associations that connect information with experiences and finding patterns within those associations. Intuitive understanding allows for connections to be made even if the information is a bit abstract. The importance and focus resides in what is possible instead of what is considered pragmatic and more realistic.

For User Interface Designers, their intuition plays an important role in design. They focus on the untapped possibilities in the user experience that leads to product evolution. The best UI Designers embrace their intuition because it allows them to spot opportunities to explore forward-thinking solutions by discovering trends and patterns in today’s design and seeing the future possibilities.

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