User Experience Design

The most critical element in User Experience Design is understanding users’ needs and frustrations and translating them into intuitive user journeys.

An example is Thermo Fisher’s (TFS) OMNIC Paradigm project- a scientific materials analysis application that intuitively and quickly provides material characterization, identification, and verification. TFS needed an intuitive system that would work seamlessly with multiple hardware. Areteworks’ iterative design (Design Thinking process) began with empathy research and usability testing. The two-prong approach provided insights into the users’ perceptions and identified the application’s strengths and weaknesses. Our UX designers used this data continuously throughout the design process as it helped establish a strong foundation for the design direction throughout the project’s life cycle. Through the creation of user journeys, Areteworks’ UX designers began generating multiple concepts that addressed the frustrations and pain points. These design concepts were then reviewed, and through an all-hand workshop, the concepts were merged into a “best of breed” design.

The remaining workflow designs were completed with a clear and defined design direction. Areteworks prides itself on employing among the best and most accomplished UX, UI, visual designers, and iconographers- thus providing Thermo Fisher with multiple visual design concepts that promote the usability and aesthetics of the device while establishing a visual brand for the company. The result was an award-winning scientific Paradigm application that helped set a new standard for material analysis software.

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