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The advancement of wearable technology has grown greatly in the past several years. These new and disruptive innovations provide advances that could potentially transform all aspects of life and society. With the technology paradigm shift comes questions and issues concerning how to best interact with this tech, along with the best ways for this new technology to interact with us.

The rise of touch screens and voice command means an increase in dialogue-based interaction and haptics. Interacting with applications using voice commands instead of mouse clicks and hand gestures is becoming a design trend that will only increase in its use. It is becoming more important than ever to understand the ways in which standard user interface paradigms may be affected. Additionally, haptic technology can take the touch screen user experience to a new level. Electrostatic vibration technology could soon bring the sensation of bumps, edges and even texture to interacting with a device’s interface through touch. This type of advancement could have ramifications in terms of allowing sight-impaired users additional ways to access devices.

With such a noticeable advancement of wearable devices, designers will need to put even more focus on considering UI and UX from a neuroscientific approach. Understanding the cognitive processes of users will play a larger role in the intuitiveness of future interfaces than ever before.


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