Case Study

Edwards UX

Providing clinicians with an innovative and inspiring healthcare User Experience for Edwards’ HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform.


Advanced Monitoring


Edwards Lifesciences’ HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform provides clinicians with a wide range of smart hemodynamic management solutions to help improve patient care. Areteworks was asked to design a healthcare User Experience interface to seamlessly transition into HemoSphere’s system that would be intuitive for clinicians and technicians.

Distinctive Yet Familiar


Areteworks’ healthcare User Experience (UX) designers faced the challenge of completing multiple rounds of workflow and conceptual design iterations during stakeholders’ usability feedback. We understood that while the user experience would need to be distinctive, it would also need to adhere to HemoSphere’s existing workflow structure. Our UX experts utilized workflows and conceptual wireframes to find effective ways of emphasizing and communicating important patient monitoring data within HemoSphere’s existing architecture. As feedback was received from stakeholders, our User Experience specialists began synthesizing ideas from multiple concepts into a unified UX design.


Optimized Workflow


Areteworks created an intuitive and efficient User Experience solution with an optimized workflow for Edwards’ ForeSight Brain Oxygenation software. Our UX and UI designers discovered innovative solutions that reduced the learning curve for clinicians and technicians. Additionally, our Visual Designers created graphical representations of the brain that were realistic and could be displayed on a small monitor without losing important anatomical details. The end result is an inspiring UX system that is instinctive, comfortable, and creates an enjoyable user experience.