Case Study


Creating a clear and intuitive user experience for the stylish Mark 7 Arterion® Injection System, making it easier to operate and requiring less time to position and set up.


Medical Injection System


Medrad has been developing products that clinicians worldwide rely on to assist them in diagnosing patients and providing quality patient-centered care. Wanting to bring a unique medical product to the market, Medrad tasked Areteworks to help them in designing the visuals and ease of use of their Arterion® Injection System.

Predict & Inform


Areteworks’ UI designers understood the importance of addressing radiologists’ main concern: can the system predict and inform when to inject the contrast based on the patient’s vital information.


Intuitive & Seemless Integration


After conducting Behavioral Research, Areteworks conducted workshops with various Medrad team members to promote innovation. Areteworks not only designed the system that could predict the next delivery, but also provided a timeline graph that shows physicians in real-time when the next deliveries can be made. Our UI designers integrated an intuitive User Interface solution into Medrad’s sleek infusion pump that flowed seamlessly and promoted visual harmony with the product.

“Kudos to your Design team. Their work surpassed our expectations.” -Medrad