Case Study

Nicolet Summit FTIR

Improving the user experience of Thermo Fisher’s spectrometer for both professionals and students.


streamlined analysis


Powered by the cutting-edge OMNIC Paradigm software, Thermo Fisher’s innovative Nicolet Summit FTIR spectrometer improves performance and productivity for labs that manage multiple users and sample types. Nicolet Summit streamlines data acquisition, sample processing, and spectra interpretation, quickly executing important workflows and making it the ideal spectrometer for both the lab and the classroom. Areteworks was given the task of designing an intuitive and innovative User Experience for the Nicolet Summit spectrometer that provided users with the core functionality of the OMNIC Paradigm desktop application.



Areteworks’ User Experience designers needed to find an intuitive and simple way for users to access the numerous features offered in the OMNIC Paradigm software on Nicolet Summit’s smaller touch screen without compromising established workflows. In addition, our design team found subtle ways to optimize the layout of the Nicolet Summit interface, improving the visibility of the features during interaction with the smaller screen. Areteworks' Visual Design experts then focused on providing Thermo Scientific's groundbreaking analysis tool a contemporary look and feel while keeping the visual connection to the Paradigm application intact.




Areteworks designed a simplified, inspiring user interface for the Nicolet Summit FTIR spectrometer. Our UX Design experts created a system that users from scientists to students would find intuitive and easy to use. Our user-friendly Home screen provides shortcuts through contemporary icons and graphics for users to select preprogrammed workflows. Areteworks’ team delivered a level of style and effortlessness to Thermo Scientific’s FTIR spectrometer that reduces the number of steps for sample collection, guaranteeing consistent spectrum results and helping to set the bar in FTIR performance.