Case Study

Nicolet Summit FTIR

Improving the user experience of Thermo Fisher’s spectrometer for both professionals and technicians.

Paradigm TFS

streamlined analysis


Powered by the cutting-edge OMNIC Paradigm software, Thermo Fisher’s innovative Nicolet Summit FTIR spectrometer improves performance and productivity for labs and manufacturing facilities that manage multiple users and sample types. Nicolet Summit streamlines data acquisition, sample processing, and spectra interpretation, quickly executing critical workflows and making it the ideal spectrometer for the lab and manufacturers. Areteworks was given the task of designing an intuitive and innovative User Experience for the Nicolet Summit spectrometer that provided users with the core functionality of the OMNIC Paradigm desktop application.



Areteworks' team of user experience designers was challenged to craft an intuitive and optimized user experience that would allow users to seamlessly access the array of features available on the new embedded touchscreen of the Nicolet Summit. Our approach involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every interaction felt intuitive and natural. Furthermore, our UX experts undertook a comprehensive optimization of the workflow and interface layout, refining each element to enhance feature visibility and streamline user interaction. This dedication to refinement not only improves usability but also ensures that users can effortlessly navigate the device, maximizing productivity and user satisfaction.




Areteworks has crafted an elegant and engaging user experience tailored for the Nicolet Summit FTIR spectrometer. Our team of UX experts has meticulously devised a system that seamlessly caters to a diverse range of users, from seasoned scientists to technicians, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable interaction. The Home screen, designed with user convenience in mind, offers convenient shortcuts to access preprogrammed workflows. Through meticulous optimization, we have streamlined the workflow, minimizing the steps required for sample collection. This not only ensures swift and consistent spectrum results but also sets a new standard in FTIR performance.