Case Study

TFS Paradigm

Designing an intuitive and inspiring user experience for Thermo Fisher’s next-generation material analysis software.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific specializes in solving complex analytical challenges through innovative technologies and increased laboratory productivity. With their current analysis software system being fifteen plus years old, Thermo Fisher wanted to provide users with an intuitive and inspiring UI system that exceeded stakeholders’ expectations. They asked Areteworks to design the User Experience (UX) for their next-generation Paradigm series software. Thermo Fisher Scientific wanted a UX system as intuitive and advanced as their technology while also streamlining the workflow to analyze materials.



Areteworks’ User Research team placed their focus on understanding user needs, activities and pain points. In addition, the numerous features offered in the OMNIC software were structured in such a way that using the software sometimes became counterproductive to achieving efficiency in the laboratory. Understanding that the application’s Legacy features needed to be considered, our design team conducted detailed card sorting and workshop exercises to select and group the application’s functions in a way that improved productivity and provided a great user experience.




Areteworks’ UX and UI specialists greatly simplified the User Experience, introducing a dashboard screen that is customizable to different users. This allowed users quick access to relevant and actionable information along with a more approachable and comfortable user interface. Our visual designers and iconography experts also provided Paradigm with a contemporary and visually appealing look and feel. The result was an intuitive and exciting user interface system that makes the Paradigm Desktop application highly desirable in the industry.

“Areteworks’ UI and UX design is of the highest quality. Our internal presentations of their UI concepts and visual design work left a lot of people excited and impressed.” -Thermo Fisher Scientific