Healthcare UX

Elevating Patient Care with Intuitive Design

At Areteworks, we're more than just a UX design agency; we're innovators passionate about creating simple and intuitive solutions that make a difference in people's lives. With our extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we understand the unique challenges that healthcare professionals face in delivering exceptional patient care. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to creating inspiring and intuitive healthcare designs that revolutionize healthcare delivery. Our team of experts has worked on diverse medical products, from patient monitoring devices to diagnostic systems, and medical professionals worldwide have utilized our designs. So if you're looking for a partner to help you deliver better patient outcomes and stay ahead of the curve, you've come to the right place.

Healthcare UX Services


Empathy Research

In today's healthcare industry, understanding stakeholders, particularly end-users is crucial. Areteworks' research team has significant experience gathering and comprehending stakeholder feedback to improve user experiences. Our research methodologies include face-to-face and remote user interviews and observations. We also leverage secondary research and our extensive healthcare industry knowledge to identify and define primary user needs. Our empathetic approach to research allows us to provide valuable insights that improve healthcare outcomes for all stakeholders. Click on the link to read more about Empathy mapping.


User Journeys

User journeys are a powerful tool for gaining insights into users' goals, emotions, workarounds, and difficulties as they interact with a product or service. At Areteworks, we leverage our deep understanding of user empathy and proven research methods to create accurate, detailed user journeys that reveal critical insights. Our UX design team uses these insights to inform the design of user-centered solutions that address the needs of both users and stakeholders. We also validate the user journeys with healthcare providers and other stakeholders to ensure our solutions align with their goals and priorities. By combining our deep experience and rigorous research methods, we create user journeys that drive meaningful and sustainable outcomes for our clients.


Healthcare UX Design

At Areteworks, we believe that intuitive and affordable healthcare UX design is essential for improving patient outcomes and enhancing stakeholder value. Our UX designers bring unique and specific expertise in healthcare diagnostics, pharmaceutical analysis, hospital management, and patient monitoring tools. We specialize in creating inspiring UX systems for desktop, mobile, and online healthcare applications that empower users to navigate complex healthcare environments with ease. With our user-centered approach and deep healthcare expertise, we are committed to delivering solutions that improve healthcare outcomes and create sustainable value for our clients.


Prototyping & Development

Interactive Prototypes are a crucial component of designing a successful user experience and streamlining the early stages of the design process. At Areteworks, our UX designers employ rapid prototyping techniques to validate and assess initial designs. We have extensive experience in various prototyping tools, including Figma, InVision, Balsamiq, and Adobe XD. By leveraging these tools and our expertise in UX design, we deliver high-fidelity prototypes that bring our designs to life, giving stakeholders and end-users a clear understanding of the final product and allowing for iterative feedback to refine the user experience further.


Formative Usability Assessment

Areteworks’ usability specialists are able to conduct formative usability tests via both in-person and remote video-streamed interviews. Formative interactive usability tests allow our team to identify strengths in the healthcare UX design and detect areas for improvements, allowing for a thorough concept iteration throughout the design process.


Summative FDA Testing

Areteworks understands that healthcare device development needs to occur quickly yet safely. Our Human Factors experts can conduct summative usability tests in-person or sometimes (if possible) through remote means. Summative usability tests act as final validation that the safety and use of healthcare devices have been addressed and all FDA requirements have been met. We analyze the testing data and quickly iterate a design that meets government safety regulations.

Our Process

Areteworks’ Design Thinking approach is a flexible user-centered iterative process to help innovate and design intuitive user interactions for resolving users’ pain-points. Our experienced researchers and designers lead design reviews, brainstorming sessions and usability tests to facilitate rapid design concept revisions, leading to inspiring and affordable UX solutions.

Healthcare Work

Advance Monitoring System

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“Areteworks provided our project with a simple and innovative user experience.”


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