Healthcare UX

Connecting patients and healthcare through intuitive design.

Our inspiring and intuitive Healthcare User Experience Design (UX) has assisted doctors, surgeons, nurses, cardiologist, perfusionists, ophthalmologist and hospital staff around the world in the diagnosis and care of their patients. By designing and deploying innovative, award-winning medical user experience solutions that are among the world’s best, Areteworks has become an influential presence in the Healthcare UX / UI Design industry. Our User Experience systems have been used in perfusion systems, hemodialysis products, blood component transfusion systems, DNA analysis, patient monitoring devices (invasive and non- invasive), diabetic systems, infusion pumps, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiovascular, medical instrumentation, and diagnostic systems.

Healthcare UX Services



Understanding stakeholders, especially end-users in the healthcare industry has become more critical than ever. Areteworks’ researchers have deep and extensive experience comprehending stakeholder feedback in a healthcare setting that leads to improved user experiences. We employ various research methodologies, from face-to-face to online remote user interviews and observations. We also utilize existing secondary research and our vast experience working in the healthcare industry to identify and define primary user needs.


User Journeys

User journeys are a visualization of the “task-goal” workflows essential for gaining insights into the user’s goals, emotions, workarounds and difficulties. Using Empathy gained through various proven research methods, Areteworks’ UX design team is able to effectively create user journeys to detail the tasks and frustrations experienced by users. We then validate the user journeys with stakeholders and healthcare providers.


Healthcare UX Design

Areteworks understands the importance of intuitive and affordable healthcare UX design. Our User Experience (UX) designers have unique and specific design expertise in healthcare diagnostics, pharmaceutical analysis, hospital management, and patient monitoring tools. We specialize in creating inspiring UX systems for desktop, mobile, and online healthcare applications.


Prototyping & Development

Interactive Prototypes are pivotal to designing a successful user experience and speeding up the early stages of the design process. Our UX designers incorporate rapid prototyping techniques early in the design process to assist in validating and assessing the initial designs. We have extensive experience in Figma, inVision, Balsamic, Adobe XD, and many other prototyping tools.


Formative Usability Assessment

Areteworks’ usability specialists are able to conduct formative usability tests via both in-person and remote video-streamed interviews. Formative interactive usability tests allow our team to identify strengths in the healthcare UX design and detect areas for improvements, allowing for a thorough concept iteration throughout the design process.


Summative FDA Testing

Areteworks understands that healthcare device development needs to occur quickly yet safely. Our Human Factors experts can conduct summative usability tests in-person or sometimes (if possible) through remote means. Summative usability tests act as final validation that the safety and use of healthcare devices have been addressed and all FDA requirements have been met. We analyze the testing data and quickly iterate a design that meets government safety regulations.

Our Process

Areteworks’ Design Thinking approach is a flexible user-centered iterative process to help innovate and design intuitive user interactions for resolving users’ pain-points. Our experienced researchers and designers lead design reviews, brainstorming sessions and usability tests to facilitate rapid design concept revisions, leading to inspiring and affordable UX solutions.

Healthcare Work

Edwards Lifesciences

“This is really great work and a clean, intuitive user interface.”


“Areteworks provided our project with a simple and innovative user experience.”


“Areteworks communicated extremely well in all phases of the project.”

Enigma Diagnostics

“Areteworks’ design approach led to a simpler and more intuitive user interface for our MiniLab.”