Inspiring UX

We design and deliver inspiring, and innovative products that give our clients a distinct advantage. We have achieved numerous awards, including best design, and appeared in Forbes and Smart Computing publications.

Inspiring Experiences

A few brands we’ve had the privilege to work with

A few brands we’ve had the privilege to work with

Our Work

Edwards Lifesciences

“This is really great work and a clean, intuitive user interface.”


“Areteworks provided our project with a simple and innovative user experience.”

Thermo Fisher

“Areteworks’ approach to User Experience design is very thorough.”


“Areteworks’ designers brought innovative ideas to our project.”

Our Services


UX Design

Areteworks understands the vital role we play in providing rapid, affordable, and intuitive user experience (UX) systems. Our proprietary Design Thinking UX process provides our designers the flexibility to create world-class UX designs for companies both locally and internationally. With our extensive experience we have delivered successful, simple, and effective UX solutions for healthcare, mobile, enterprise, cloud apps, and embedded systems.


UI Design

Areteworks’ UI designers have the experience and enthusiasm needed to deliver world-class UI systems. By working with numerous companies in the healthcare and consumer industries, our design team has created user interface solutions for an impressive and eclectic variety of clients and products. Our UI specialists possess the in-depth knowledge to find easy and engaging UI solutions that provide simple and clean designs.


Visual Design

Areteworks understands that world-class aesthetics not only make your product look visually appealing but also assist in conveying critical information quickly and accurately. Our Visual Design experts know how color schemes, iconography, typography, and layouts vastly improve the user experience. To accelerate development, our visual designers work concurrently with the UX and development team to deliver inspiring and award-winning graphics and icons.


User Research (UR)

Understanding the needs, concerns, and pain points of users is the foundation of successful UX Design. Areteworks can perform in-person reviews as well as online interviews. Our user research experts are able to draw on their vast and unique experience in both the healthcare and consumer industries to provide a deeper understanding of your end-users. We also perform secondary research analysis and can leverage any pre-existing marketing materials.


Usability Tests

Usability tests provide critical feedback from prospective users as to the success or shortcomings of your product. These tests allow our designers to spot potential opportunities to improve the user experience and validate the complete UI of the product. Areteworks’ usability experts have extensive experience conducting both in-person and remote usability tests utilizing low fidelity prototypes for users to simulate interacting with different UI concepts.



There has always been a priority placed on rapid and affordable software development. At Areteworks, we meet that challenge by developing in short, effective cycles to deliver intuitive UX solutions across multiple platforms. We ensure quality in every cycle of development by concluding each cycle with a phase of meticulous testing. We also leverage our comprehensive collection of custom libraries to reduce both development time and costs.

Our Process

Our design thinking approach is a flexible user-centered iterative process to help innovate and design intuitive user interactions for resolving users’ pain-points. Our experienced researchers and designers facilitate rapid concept design revisions, leading to inspiring and affordable UX solutions.

What Our Clients Say

  • Areteworks’ approach to User Experience design is very thorough. Our internal presentations of their UI concepts and visual design work left a lot of people excited and impressed.

  • Areteworks provided our project with a simple and innovative user experience

  • Areteworks’ strong insights into UX Design provided our project with a simple, innovative and intuitive user experience.

  • "This is the Best User Interface!" - Apple Evangelist

  • Areteworks’ solutions are inventive, implementation is sound, and their flexibility to adjust to changing priorities makes them a pleasure to work with.

  • This is really great work and a clean, intuitive user interface. Thank you for turning this around so quickly!

  • Kudos to your Design team. Their work not only met but surpassed our expectations.

  • Areteworks’ design approach led to a simpler and more intuitive user interface for our MiniLab.

  • We were incredibly impressed with Areteworks’ ability to understand the project’s complexity and pain points and discover simple and intuitive approaches that significantly improved the user experience for our customers.

  • Areteworks’ team was genuinely committed to understanding our needs; their approach to UX design and the results they provided exceeded our expectations.

  • Areteworks’ designers are detail-oriented, working quickly and efficiently, eliminating concerns about meeting project objectives.

  • Areteworks’ vital insights into UX Design provided our project with an innovative and intuitive user experience.

  • Areteworks’ team is exceptional, and we truly value our collaboration with your team.

  • Areteworks produce work that is unmatched in quality and thoroughness.

  • We have worked with numerous design firms and can say Areteworks delivers impressive, innovative UI/UX solutions.

  • Areteworks delivered a compelling and complete solution, from the product vision to the UX and UI definition.


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