Intuitive and Rapid UI Design Solutions

At Areteworks, we employ a proprietary Design Thinking process to quickly generate inspirational and affordable UI design systems for both mobile and online platforms.

Locating an innovative and affordable UX / UI agency

Finding the right UX / UI agency can mean the difference between the successful launch of your product and your product under-performing in the marketplace.

Inspiring Healthcare UX Design Company

Areteworks’ inspiring and intuitive Healthcare User Experience Design (UX) has assisted doctors, cardiologist, perfusionists, and hospital staff around the world in the diagnosis and care of their patients.

User Journeys for inspiring UX Design

User journeys are a critical path in UX design projects. They are a diagrammatic representation of the tasks users go through to reach their goals, mapping stakeholder pain points and perspectives along the way.

Assessing stakeholders’ perspectives

Understanding stakeholders’ perspectives is a critical step in Areteworks’ design process, forming the fundamental building blocks for a simple and enjoyable user experience. 

Avoiding cognitive overload in UI & UX design | UX Design Company

The term “cognitive load” was originally coined by psychologists to describe the mental effort required to learn new information. In terms of User Experience design, cognitive load is the amount of mental effort required to operate a user interface system. Cognitive overload occurs when that effort exceeds a user’s ability to process information and keep…

User interface design and icons | UX Design Company

Icons and user interface design are practically inseparable. Icons convey meaning, can cross language barriers, help establish brands, give products and devices a contemporary look and feel, and make for easy touch targets. Their creation and use, however, can still be full of missteps and confusion. The absence of a standard for icons can make…

Healthcare growth companies in Irvine (Orange County) and Los Angeles | Healthcare UX Design Company

For any healthcare UX design company, it is important to keep up to date on technological advances as well as changes in the economy. The healthcare industry is a significant part of the local economy in Irvine, San Diego, and Los Angeles. California’s economic and job growth overall outpaced the national job growth rate, and…

Our approach to Visual Design

At Areteworks, our Visual Design specialists understand the important and unique role that Visual Design plays in conveying vital information quickly and accurately to your product’s users.

Designing for Natural User Interfaces | UX Design Company

A Natural User Interface (NUI) is an interface you interact with using intuitive actions related to natural, everyday human behavior. These interfaces often require touch, gestures or voice commands to interact with them. In the past, methods of interaction with devices required us to adhere and conform to the technological restrictions that existed. However, the…

Use of modal windows within UI | UX Design Company

Modal windows are windows that are shown on top of an application screen to convey information to, or collect information from, the user. These “popups” prevent the user from interacting with the application until the window is closed by the user. While this can have valuable purposes, it can also lead to end-user frustration. The…

Using Neuroscience-based human factors research for more reliable usability results | UX Design Company

Human factors usability testing applies what is known about human behavior to the design of User Interface design systems, including our abilities and limitations. There has been a limited application of advanced human factors knowledge to usability testing, although it is steadily increasing. The goal is to use neuroscience-based human factors research in addition to…